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Thursday, February 11, 2016

How to Fuel Up on Healthy Foods While You Travel

It’s important to remember that being away from home doesn’t make you immune to bad food choices—greasy food & excessive amounts of sugar have the same effects on your body in another city as they do at home.  That may sound like a really basic principle, but it’s a powerful one.  To overcome this potential shortfall, make the decision to remain conscious about what you feed your body each day. 

It’s okay to indulge here and there, but try to reserve your food indulgences for the really special occasions on your trip.  When you focus on fueling up on wholesome meals, you will keep your body healthy and fully functional, and those wholesome meals will help you resist the temptation to make unhealthy choices. 

Dining out is almost inevitable while traveling, but that doesn’t mean your health has to suffer for it.  Here are some tips on how to make healthy restaurant choices:  

  • Don't be afraid to ask the server how a dish is prepared.
  • Request salad dressings and sauces on the side. 
  • Skip the bread basket. 
  • Substitute steamed vegetables for white potatoes or white rice.
  • Opt for grilled, sautéed, or baked items over fried foods 
  • Ask if the chef would be willing to prepare your meal without butter or large amounts of oil. 

**If you want to take your planning one step further, you can research restaurants in the area you’re visiting to find which ones have the healthiest options.

Eating healthy while traveling isn’t always easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.  

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Let Them Be Little

This weekend, I found myself staring at a pile of toys (mostly cars and trucks) scattered around the living room...and it brought on a little anxiety.  I was in clean up and decluttering mode all week and this was a bit too much for my brain to handle.

SO. MANY. CARS (and trucks, and trains, and airplanes).

"I have to do something about this," I told Scott.  He asked me why and reminded me that we have a little one and toys everywhere is a sign of that.

I'm glad he reminded me of that.  I needed that.

Our little guy will only be little for a little while.  I need to enjoy this time as much as possible.

Sure, I'll teach him to clean up when he's done for the day, but until then, we'll embrace the play.

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