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Monday, May 16, 2011

50 Days of Firsts- 43 Days Remaining

Last week I posted about the 50 Days of Firsts Challenge that I'm starting.  Well, we're off to a good start because I completed my first week!

Here's a recap of everything I did.

Monday- My friend, Cat, took me to lunch at a new Korean restaurant.  I love Korean food and this place was tasty.  The best part is, it's not far from where I live!  Thanks, Cat!

Tuesday- I started my new workout plan.  With some travel in the middle of the week, I fell off of the plan a little bit, but that won't keep me down. Back at it this week!

From Beirut to JerusalemWednesday- I started a new book my husband recommended I read this summer.  Whether he likes to admit it or not (which he doesn't), he's a very smart man.  For those of you who may or may not know, I love a good debate, but one of the many areas I'm not the best at debating are topics concerning the Middle East--this happens to be a topic he's well-read in.  So I asked him for a summer reading list (remember those?) so I can learn a little more.  He recommended a book by Thom Friedman entitled, From Beirut to Jerusalem.  It's a pretty good read.

Thursday- I went to the DMV to get my first drivers license under my married name.

My New Haircut
A Side Look
Friday (Part I)- For the first time in my life, I went to an Asian hairdresser to get my hair done.  This may not sound like a big deal to many, but it was to me.  Remember the entry I had about a black woman's hair?  If not, check it out!  I think she did a great job with my hair.  She kept asking me if I wanted to put chemicals in it to straighten it but I kept telling her that I want to keep it natural. In the end, it stayed natural!

Friday (Part II)- I went wine tasting with my parents for the first time.  My parents know their wine and I tried to learn as much as I can from them.  We had such a good time!
Wine Tasting with My Parents & Flat Scotty!

Saturday- I attended my first high school reunion--the 10 year one! I can't believe it's been 10 years, but it was so much fun!  I'm already looking forward to the next one.

Sunday- It was my first Sunday service in my hometown church since my husband and I were married in it a few months ago.

Did anyone else do anything new last week?  If so, please share!  I love comments!


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