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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Before and After Pics the Master Bathroom Project

The moment we've all been waiting for.  The before-after pictures from the master bathroom makeover. I'll let the pictures (and the captions) speak for themselves.  Check out the tally below to see if I met the challenge and kept it under $20...

Before:  I told you that my things exploded..here's the proof.

After: All cleaned up! I ended up getting mason jars- the apothecary jars would've tipped the $cales a little more
After: I got two cute planter pots for us to put our things in to keep them organized

Before: Bare walls & a drab shower curtain

After:  I hung a couple pictures on the wall and spruced up the shower curtain

Before: There was no organization..not looking too hot
After: Much better

I'm really happy with the results of this project.  So, did I keep it under $20.00??  Yes, I did!  Here is the breakdown: 

1 Large White Planter: $4.19
2 Regular Pint Mason Jars: $1.98
2 Regular Quart Mason Jars: $2.58
3 White Roses: $3.00
Small Vase: $1.00
New Shower Curtain (I owned it before the move) : $0.00 
Pictures (I had them before): $0.00
2 Small Planters: $4.78
Taxes: $1.40
Total = $18.93
Remainder = 1.07

 What's next?  The master bedroom!  Stay tuned for my inspiration post.


  1. Hahahahaha, this is so funny!!! The bathroom looks great. Let me know when his cadet trunks are no longer incorporated as furniture in the house. Personally, mine are serving as a nightstand in my guest bedroom :)


  2. Your bathroom counters look nice and neat! Great idea to use the planters to store your things in.

  3. Wow the transformation is great. Love the new shower curtain!

  4. Kirsten, I've been waiting to see how you did up the bathroom! Looks awesome...$18 went a long way! great job!

  5. Good job girl!!!
    You know as you are decorating your house keep yard sales in mind as you can find cheap baskets, vases, pots etc under 50 cents or up to $1.00. I love using flowers too for my bathroom and have an upcoming post later this month on the subjects. But for ideas you can check a video I have on my blog you will have to look on the bottom right hand side of the site to see a video about decorating with baskets there are pictures of my bathroom and other spaces...www.goodhealthdiva.blogspot.com


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