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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Home Project Numero 2: Making a molehill out of a MOUNTAIN!

The Mountain. Photo Credits
So that's the task at hand for this home improvement project--making a molehill out of a MOUNTAIN.  No, you're not reading backwards.  The saying is normally "you're making a mountain out of a molehill" and is, typically, directed at the overly pessimistic and worried person who is making a HUGE deal out of something small. But this task calls for the reverse.  We will be making something small out of something that appears to be a ginormous project--my parents' garage. 

My parents' garage is in desperate need of a purge and a face-lift and they are going to need a little assistance with this project [enter Kirsten].  Credit will also go to those who traveled this road before me: my sister Lauren and my brother Dennis.  Without you two, this may be worse than what we're dealing with now. 

So how did it get the way it is right now?  I believe it came from an accumulation of a number of things over the years.  My family moved overseas for six years and back to the United States with four active children who all went off to college and all joined the Army.  Three of the four children deployed at least once and left some things at the house.  All of them left things over time and, for the most part, never retrieved them--sorry!  For any of you who know my parents, you know how active they are and the little time they may have to sort through all of our belongings to get rid of them.  But the mountain is standing before us now and we're going to tackle it. 

Our "Molehill Goggles" Photo Credits
So, what's the plan?  Well, we're going to tackle a small section of it one day at a time to help us avoid burnout.  This is where the molehill goggles will be worn...we don't see mountains here, only small molehills. 

When it's all finished, I'd love to see it turned into a home gym.  My mom has so many great pieces of exercise equipment that need a little extra space than what's offered in the house right now.  As is my custom, you won't see the before pictures until we have the final product.  Realizing that it won't happen in one day, I will be traveling to my parents' home throughout the summer to get this home improvement project complete.  Be patient, my friends! 

The Molehill. Photo Credits
By the way, a mole can be a terrible nuisance and getting rid of it can feel like you're climbing Mount Everest.  Okay, maybe I'm making a mountain out of a...you get the point hahah.  Anyway, we had a mole problem in our yard when we lived in Belgium.  I think my dad ended up smoking the moles out of the yard but here is another option if you have that issue.

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