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Monday, June 27, 2011

50 Days of Firsts Complete!

Hey Everyone!

Well, my mission is complete.  I did/tried something new everyday for 50 Days.  It was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.  Here's what I was up to for my last 8 days:

Monday:  I ran a new 4-mile run route at my parents' house.  It was a great run; so great, I ran it again a few days later.

Tuesday:  My mom and I went on a road trip together last week, and this was our first day of the road trip.  We drove from Virginia to Ohio.

Wednesday:  I went suit shopping for the first time with my mom.  I still can't believe how much quicker it is to find and purchase men's clothing than it is women's clothing.  Who is the recipient of this suit, you ask?  My 103-year-old grandfather.  We wanted a new suit and we got a great deal on 2!  I wish I had taken a picture of his face when he found out we purchased them--he was so happy!

Thursday:   As we continued our road trip, this was my first time driving from Ohio to New York directly through Pennsylvania.  What a beautiful, and traffic-free drive!  

Friday:  I got to see and catch up with a lot of friends in NY for the first time since I moved.  It's always so nice catching up with old friends.  I also tried this amazing dessert recipe that I hope to try someday.  I don't even know how to describe it.  But when I make it, I'll take pictures and share the recipe with you all.

Saturday:  I went to this little restaurant in Nyack, New York for the first time for breakfast.  It's called the Strawberry Place.  So tasty and really cute!  The prices were very reasonable--a rare find in NY.

Sunday:  I was looking for something to make for dinner at my parents' house.  I found a bunch of ingredients to put together a Mexican dish.  So, I created my own Mexican Casserole.  I don't even remember how much of everything I put in it, but it was yummy!

Monday:  My husband's a huge fan of almost anything with honey mustard.  As a result, I always have my eyes open for different things to try.  I found these Rold Gold Tiny Twists Honey Mustard Pretzels when I was grocery shopping.  It was my first time trying them.  I think he'll be a big fan. 

'Til next time,

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