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Monday, June 6, 2011

7 More Days of Firsts- 22 Remaining!

Hey!  I hope you all had great weekends!  Mine was pretty nice.  I'm glad the temperature dropped a bit from last week, I don't know if I could have taken another blazing week.

Well, another 7 days has passed and I was able to stick to my goal of doing or trying something new everyday.  So, here's what I've been up to:

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Monday:  I was still in Florida and had the chance to try a new tasty treat that just so happened to grow in my Aunt's yard. Has anyone ever heard of or tried a lychee nut?  They're like berries with a shell and a pit; the shell is surprisingly easy to peel.  I've been told that the best way to consume them is when they're cold so once you pick them, you should store them in the fridge. I'm having camera difficulties so I was unable to post my own pictures, but I found a great picture on Foodie in Motion.

Tuesday:  My dad treated me to an ice cream sundae at an ice cream shop that's been in existence for quite a few years in my hometown, but I've never been to visit.  Well, it was my first time visiting and the sundae was delicious!

Wednesday:  This was a day that will go down in my own personal history book.  I turned in my military ID card for a military spouse (formerly military dependent) card.  It's so strange having more information on my card about my husband than about me.  And life goes on :).

Thursday: I got to have my first lesson in Biblical Greek!  This was such a treat for me.  I've wanted to learn Biblical Greek for over 6 years but I just never had the chance or the time to do it.  I had books and CDs that I used to study from, but life happened and it got put on the back shelf.  When I lived in Kansas I became friends with a language master and she taught me a couple of things about Biblical Greek but now I have more time to actually dig in and learn more!  Hopefully it will all soak into my brain.  Right now, it's all Greek to me!

Cardinal Double 12 Color Dot Mexican Train Dominoes in Tin
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Friday: I'm a HUGE dominoes fan.  I've learned to play a variety of domino games over time (most of them were while I was in the Army). But, Friday was my first time playing Mexican Train.  This was such a fun game and I can't wait to teach the rest of my family how to play.

Saturday:  It was my first time trying a new cardio circuit.  I picked out three cardio machines in my gym and spent 15 minutes on each one and completed the circuit 2 times.  It was a great workout for someone, like me, who needs a little change every now and then.

The Guns of Navarone
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Sunday: My mom and dad talked me into watching "The Guns of Navarone" it's a 1961 British-American war film based on the 1957 novel about WWII.  I wasn't all the thrilled about watching it when the only actor's name I recognized was Gregory Peck.  Some of you old movie buffs may be shaking your head that I didn't recognize David Niven, Anthony Quinn, or Stanley Baker.  But I watched it for the first time and it was a great movie.  This is going on the list as one to share with my husband!
Have a great week!  I hope you get the chance to try something new.  If you do, please share!

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