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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Thrift Store Treasure

Today I really want to share what I found when I went thrift store treasure hunting with my mom last week. As I mentioned in my last Fifty Firsts post, I made my first thrift store purchases.  I purchased 3 items from two of my favorite categories.  The first category is mirrors and the second category is art.

Oh, I love art so much!  My love for art all began in second grade when we lived overseas and my class took a field trip to visit Claude Monet's home.  He quickly became my favorite artist and has been ever since.  I'm a huge fan of impressionist painting, in general.  Well, I guess there's no surprise that one of the paintings that caught my eye at the thrift store was an impressionist painting.  Check it out!

 The bold colors stood out to me, but the frame it was in wasn't doing the painting any justice.  I believe a frame (another favorite of mine) can make any painting pop a little more.  So I bought the painting for $6.00.  Yes, I only paid $6.00 for this painting. 

The next day, as I also mentioned in my last Fifty Firsts post, I spent quite a bit of time shopping in a local arts & crafts store.  One of the objectives of my trip to the store was to find a frame to accompany this beautiful piece--something that would really do it justice.  And guess what?  I found one!  It was on sale from $50.00 to $20.00, so I scooped it up quickly.

When I removed the painting from the first frame, I learned something pretty amazing about the piece.  The painting I bought for $6.00 at the thrift store is an original!  Can you believe that??  I had no idea I was buying an original piece! I'm looking up information on the artist to learn more about him/her.  I do know that the piece was painted over 20 years ago.   Here's the painting in the new frame:

I'm so happy with my first thrift store purchases.  I really think I found some treasures.  I can't wait to share more of the transformations with you all!

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  1. That is beautiful--love the blues and that frame!

  2. Great find! Thrift, consignment and antique stores are my favorite- I hardly buy things new anymore. It makes your house so original!


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