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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Before and After Pics the Master Bedroom Project

Okay, so I finally get to share my before and after pictures of the master bedroom project!  I finished it a couple of weeks ago, but I kinda fell off the radar and didn't have the chance to post them. Remember my idea board and budget limit post?  My budget limit for this project was $50.00.

Here's a before shot of the bedroom.  Not a bad job by my husband :).  But the way the bed was situated didn't allow much light to come through the window nor did it give ample space to make use of nightstands on either side of the bed. I asked if he'd mind if I changed some things up and he told me to go for it...so I did!

With a little bit of a "domesticated" touch, I moved the bed away from the window to allow more light inside.  I also spruced up the dresser a little bit to add some color to the room and I put a mirror we already owned in the corner for a little extra flair and depth.

There was a huge open wall in the room that I wanted to make use of--it was just calling my name!  

I brought the bed away from the window & put it on the big open wall.  You may remember that I loved the idea of hanging pictures above headboards.  I printed some wedding pictures off and hung them above the bed.  I'm a huge art fan, so I put some pieces I already owned on that wall as well.  There was just too much room up there not to do it.  

I bought a couple of small lamps to put on the nightstands & used a couple of extra throw pillows from our living room.

And one more before picture...

 Do you notice anything about the "After" picture below?  Maybe the piece hanging on the wall?  It was my thrift store treasure that I found a few weeks ago!

My good friend, Chrissy, recommended that I paint the room since paint can always have a huge impact, but I just couldn't bring myself to put paint on the walls in our current home since we'll be here for less than a year.  I had the same thing cross my mind when I thought about putting curtains up. I was tempted to buy a new comforter set, but that would've taken me way outside of my price range, and I own a couple of nice ones that are tucked away in storage right now.  At the very least, I should have displayed the patterned side of the comforter--whoops!  Oh well.  Let's tally up the cost and see how I did sticking to the budget!

Lamps: $9.99 each x 2 = $19.98
Lamp Shades: $7.99 each x 2= $15.98
Picture Frames: $1.00 each x 4= $4.00
Pictures Printed=  $15.00 

TOTAL = $54.96

Not too bad.  I was only over by $4.96!  I think I could have cut back on costs by finding a better deal on getting the pictures printed and looking for better deals on lamps & lamp shades.  Either way, this project is complete.  On to the next one!  


  1. Looks great Kirsten! Amazing what a little money and creativity can do. Adding those pops of color made a huge difference.

  2. i love the changes you made to your room. i can completely understand why you wouldn't want to paint, Kirsten. i avoid painting at all costs.

  3. Love the changes! I'm impressed with the impact you created on such a tight budget! I'm glad you joined Roomspiration today!!

  4. Fantastic! love what you did with the place!


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