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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Key Hanger Needed

Okay everyone, I have a confession--I seem to misplace my keys quite a bit.  Alright, I don't "seem" to, I actually do misplace my keys a lot. So it's about time I did some research on a key hanger.  When I lived alone, I used a very simple key hanger but I always knew where they were when I needed them.  Now that I'm married, my husband and I have a few sets of keys and my purses are like a black hole with a magnet at the very bottom of them.  I want to jazz up the hanger and get something a little more fun for our home.  Here are some key hangers that have caught my eye.  Let me know what you think!

  • Hanger #1 This one is really cool.  I love the classic look of it.  I think if I used one like this, I would paint it a brighter color that would serve as an accent to the room.  Love it!
skeleton key hanger
  •  Hanger #2 This one is also cool.  I think I may want to paint this one also.  The heart shape is cute, but may be a little to cutesy for me.  That's just my personal decorating style.
Village Wrought Iron Wrought Iron Key Holder
  •  Hanger #3 I think these are so funny! We would definitely be able to keep our keys separate.

  •  Hanger #5 Click-it or ticket, right? I love this one too.  What a fun and creative way to keep track of keys.

This isn't a huge project or even an essential addition, but it's something fun that will help keep me organized. I think I have a favorite, but I'm going to ask my husband if he has any preferences.  It'll be fun to at least see his reaction to them.  What are your reactions to them?  Any favorites for anyone out there? Have you seen any out there that you really like?

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