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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Workspace Idea Board

The next home makeover that should be made is our workspace area.  Since I do 90% of my work at home, a good workday or a bad workday revolves around the comfort level in my workspace.  One of the nice touches in our apartment is that each bedroom has a built-in workspace.  I want to make some minor improvements to get a more studious look and feel.  Here are some ideas I have right now. 

Idea #1
The workspace in our apartment won't really allow for a look like this, but this picture so bright and colorful that  it caught my attention. I love bulletin boards and having places to keep track of notes and ideas. There's nothing overly extravagant about this picture, and maybe that's why I like it--it's simple and efficient.

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Idea #2
I love this look.  Great use of storage and bulletin boards to hang things and easily keep track of them. I understand the use of the mirror to make the space look bigger and to bring more light into the room, I just don't know if I'd be a fan of working and staring at myself while working.  To each her own, I guess? haha.

Idea #3
So, I'm not the biggest fan of using pink to decorate rooms--I don't think my husband would be either. But it's not really the color that caught my attention in this picture.  This layout looks a lot like the built-in office space in our apartment.  I love the storage containers they used and the two desk areas.  I'm not sure if I like the back-to-back desks or if I'd pull one desk around to make more of an L-shape workspace. 
Home Office Interior Design Ideas

I'm mulling over a lot of different ideas and how to brighten/liven things up in the spare room.  These pictures have, certainly, helped me envision where my ideas can take me and they've given me more ideas.

Stay tuned for the budget...

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  1. Love your inspirations and can't wait to see what you do. I agree about having a mirror above your desk . . . I think I might look up and frighten myself!


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