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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jams, Spreads and Canned Veggies

Last week I had the chance to visit some of my in-laws in Pennsylvania.  When I left, my sister-in-law made sure I was equipped with a bunch of amazing homemade canned goods. Talk about an unexpected treat!

Julie filled up a box with carrot cake jam, raspberry jam, onion spread, spiced carrots, jalapeno jam, tomatoes, and pickled green beans.  I've had the chance to sample them all and they're all delicious!  Check out the goods:  

 Julie also gave me a recipe that goes with the onion spread and it was so tasty.  Although I don't have the recipe to the spread yet, the least I can do is share the other recipe.

Here you go:

  • 1 Package of Phyllo Dough (They didn't sell it at my grocery store so I bought pie dough)
  • Onion Mixture
  • Feta Cheese

1. Use dough to make a pie shape or meat loaf pan shape,  bake until golden brown
2. While dough is still warm and fresh out of the oven, spread mixture on top
3. Sprinkle a good amount of feta cheese on top
4. Eat it! (I love that step that Julie added)
Recipe Courtesy of Julie Dephue.

Here is my finished product:

My mother-in-law has shared stories about how she grew up canning food. I'd love to learn how to can fruits, vegetables, spreads, and jams in the future.  I'll have to pick my in-laws' brains next time we visit! 

Thank you, Julie!

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  1. Wow, lucky you! That was very nice of your in-laws to share! Your recipe looks delicious! and the carrot cake jam sounds heavenly!


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