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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Photo Challenge #2: Clouds--The Outer Banks

This weekend I visited The Outer Banks in North Carolina.  It was such a beautiful weekend and I took a few pictures.  I've been testing out some camera settings and processing thingys (I don't really know any photography terms yet, sorry).

For those of you following this challenge closely, you may realize that I skipped the "what you wore today" and went to "clouds."  I plan on doing the "what you wore today" photo challenge after my body recovers a little more and I feel like wearing something a little nicer than sweats--at least jeans and a t-shirt.  Besides, I thought the picture above turned out nicely. For those of you who weren't following the challenge closely, disregard everything I said!

Here are some other photos I snapped this weekend:

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  1. I am following back!! These pictures are gorgeous!!!

  2. Great shots!! As a child, we vacationed at the Outer Banks every summer -- lovely spot! My sister and her family still makes an annual trip. I haven't been there since my kids were little. I love especially the shot of the lighthouse! :)

  3. Nice series. The first photo really makes me want to be there.

  4. They are all good but the first really stands out.

  5. How gorgeous! I've always wanted to visit the Outer Banks... it's just soooo far away from where I am. Like 9-10 hours!


  6. THESE ARE SUPER LOVELY.. Great captures.. I absolutely LOVE it..

  7. just beautiful! love the contrasts in the first beach pic.
    I'm not a blogger, but feel free to visit me here =)

  8. I have always thought girls that had the name Kirsten were SO stinking cool : ) It just sounds way more distinguished than Kristen, don't you think? It looks like you are learning a lot with your camera. GREAT pictures. Love the scenery! WOW!

  9. Awesome pictures, love what you have captured, makes me wish I lived near a beach.


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