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Friday, November 4, 2011

Run, Run, Run. Happy Friday!


When I saw this picture I laughed because I can relate--especially lately. The last couple of weeks have been tough for me to stay focused on my fitness plan.  Getting sick, bad weather, my husband coming home...yeah, my workout schedule got thrown off just a tad!  But 9 days from now and I'll be running my 4th marathon and I'm really excited.  I know I can complete the race, but I have a time goal in mind.  I'm hoping to still reach my goal and I'll run my butt off (hopefully literally, haha) to make it happen.  I hope I look more like the top picture while running it, but I may end up looking like the cutie in the bottom picture...we'll see!

Happy Friday, everyone!!


  1. Good luck on your race! I'll be cheering on the NYC marathon runners this weekend -- LOVE it. Maybe I'll run one day? yeah, right!

  2. LOL the bottom pic is so me. I had my third baby (in 4 years) about 6 months ago. I've already hit my pre-baby weight but I reeeeally want to tone up. My husband is really into running now and I finally got him to take me around the neighborhood with him. I had to take a break at half a mile lol.

    We'll hit our goals! Good luck :)

  3. Go Kirsten go! I'm running the Philly Half Marathon in a few weeks with a time goal, too! What marathon are you running?? I've been running for like 15 years now with one marathon under my belt and a slew of halfs (half marys are my race of choice these days). Love it!

  4. Good luck!!

    I feel & look like the little gal when I'm running.

  5. Hi Kristen! Thanks for the comment last week!! I used this picture in one of my posts recently too. I honestly believe that's what I look like when I run...oh well:)

    Good luck with your marathon! I truely get inspired when I hear about people running and training like this!!

    Happy Monday!
    Sarah D.


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