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Monday, November 21, 2011

Table Tray Makeover Part 4, Lamp Upgrade, and Unique Wall Art for Under $20!

The 4th and Final Table Tray Makeover
Hi all!  I hope you all had good weekends!  I had a great weekend and I have so much to share with you today.  I stayed very busy this weekend painting and working on other projects to get the living room ready for the big reveal on Wednesday.  I can't wait to share it with you all; it's all coming together quite nicely!

As you can see from the picture above, I finished the fourth and final table tray makeover!  Yesterday I told all my Facebook fans that I'd share the last table tray makeover with you today--I am just so excited with how they all turned out.  "Too Good To Be True" is the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding for our first dance.  If you missed the previous makeovers, you can click here, here & here to catch up.  

A reminder of what the table looked like before:  

And here's another look at it now: 

Here's a look at the complete set on the rack.
The Set is Now Complete!

Another project I worked on this weekend was a lamp upgrade.  My husband has owned this lamp for a couple of years.  I wanted to give it a little bit of an upgrade so it would fit in with the new living room decor.

Here's the lamp before: 

And here's the lamp now: 

I decided to paint it gold and red to brighten it up some and make it a little "warmer."  I contemplated doing something with the lamp shade, but I held off on that--at least for now.  I'm not completely sure what I'd do and how I'd go about doing it just yet.  But if I ever change my mind, I'll be sure to share it with you all!

The final project was completely spontaneous and so much fun!  We now have unique wall art for under $20 and it took 4 easy steps!!  

I walked into Jo-Ann Fabrics looking for some fun fabric to use as a tablecloth for the living room.  While I was in there, I found this really, really cool fabric.  Check it out:  

Unfortunately, I didn't have any coupons with me, so the nice lady who cut the fabric gave me one to use.  I paid $13.00 for a few yards of the fabric.  When I got the fabric home, I just didn't like the way it looked hanging on the table, so the next day, I visited the Dollar Store to find something I could us to get this fabric up on the wall.  My first thought was to find couple of giant frames, but they didn't have any frames big enough so I kept looking.  Then I found some big poster board.  I was afraid one poster board wouldn't be enough to old the fabric, so I purchased 6 boards (totaling $6.00) with the intent of sticking two together to make a thicker board. Grand total for this project:  $19.00!!!

Step 1:  I combined two poster boards together with some packing tape (not too classy, but it worked)
Step 2:  I cut the fabric to fit around the board with some extra room on the sides so I could pull it behind
 Step 3:  I used my staple gun to get the fabric on the board and keep it in place

Here's what they looked like when I was finished stapling them. 

Step 4:  I hung them on the wall with some Command Sticky Tape

Whew!  That was a fun and busy weekend.  I'm curious, what do you think of these projects?  Anything you'd do differently?  What have you been up to? 

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  1. How did you know what kind of paint to use?? Did you take the original lamp in and show them what the surface was like?? You may have written about it, but it is 1217 AM here in Korea and I didn't read the whole article yet! :-)

  2. wow wow is all i have to say about your projects!! they are excellent especially that lamp it looks fabulous

  3. You have been SO busy! The tables look amazing, great job!

  4. I love the tray table transormations! Such a cute way to personalize something that is usually so boring. Great job!

  5. Amazing project! What a great job! Thanks for sharing these fun crafts.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  6. I love the red and gold (some of my favorite colors to decorate with). I liked it black to, but the new paint job really makes this stand out and look like a much more expensive lamp. Really wonderful!

  7. I have never been a big fan of TV trays, but now I may have to rethink that notion. Great idea!

  8. I have a bunch of wooden folding tables. I would have never thought of painting them.... great idea!


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