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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cutie Patutie Joins The Foreign Domestic!

Hey everyone!  I hope you're all having a great week so far.  So far so good on this end. 

Do you remember when I told you all about my first sponsor here?  Well, I'd like to introduce you to Cutie Patutie!  Cutie Patutie is a business that specializes in making hand-crafted baby wipes cases and it's owned and run by my sister-in-law, Kelly.
Check it out: 

Kelly started out making these amazing wipe cases for friends and family members as gifts and sometimes 'just because'.  As time progressed, she got a lot of encouragement to take her hobby to the next level (good thing), so she launched Cutie Patutie toward the end of last year.

Me and Kelly over Thanksgiving Weekend
While I was out visiting her and some other family members for Thanksgiving in Idaho, Kelly let me pick out two wipe cases for my sisters since they both have little ones who require plenty of baby wipes.  I didn't realize how hard this decision was going to be.  Kelly had sooo many designs to choose from, I just couldn't decide. 
This is one design I picked for one of my sister
After about 20 minutes going back and forth and keeping a close eye on my other sister-in-law, Stephanie, as she picked out hers and hoping she wouldn't choose the same ones I liked, I finally decided on two.  I ended up using them as stocking stuffers for Christmas and my sisters L-O-V-E-D them.

The photographs of the wipe cases are beautiful, but they don't really do them justice.  The cases are such great quality and they make carrying around baby wipes fashionable.  My husband and I don't have children yet, but when I was in the Army, I would have loved to have one of these cases for my baby wipes when I went to the field for training--I know it would've helped brighten my days.

There are very few places you can find great quality hand-crafted goods at a very reasonable price these days. But Cutie Patutie is a great place for that.  Each case is $15 (+ $3 shipping & handling)--including personalization if you want it.  Cutie Patutie has an extensive array of designs but if you let Kelly know exactly what you're looking for (i.e. favorite football team, college mascot, or color), she'll work to find and make  what you want!

At some point, in the next month or two, I'll host my first giveaway for these super cute Cutie Patutie wipe cases--keep your eyes open!

 You can find Cutie Patutie on Facebook & Etsy, or send an email to 3cutiepatuties@gmail.com
Me and Kelly with our husbands.  Yep, they're identical twins--so that practically makes us twins too, right??

Thanks so much, Kelly, for being my first sponsor and allowing me to share your wonderful product!


  1. What a great baby shower gift this would make. NExt time I am invited to one, I am going to get some. I love how you share your loves. I sometimes do K crazes about the things I love lately, but these seriously are CUTIE! What a great name.

  2. Those are adorable! I'm (sadly?) past the diaper stage with my two ... but I"ll keep it in mind for future shower gifts :)


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