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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Modern Colonials & Edit Me

Happy Wednesday!  I hope you're all having a great week so far.  Things are going well here.  

Since I'm done with the photo challenge, I thought about what picture, or collection of pictures I could share with you all today.  After some thought, I decided to share a shot from our weekend adventure.

This past weekend, Scott and I traveled to Williamsburg, Virginia to spend some time with my parents; we had so much fun!  I grew up traveling to Williamsburg almost once a year, but it had been a few years since I visited.  This was Scott's first trip there, so it was fun exploring with him and seeing different sites. 

We got to see some folks dressed in the full colonial garb as we walked around the Historic Area of Colonial Williamsburg.  We felt like we were exploring Williamsburg as it was hundreds of years ago.  

Here's a photo:  

Let's rewind for a minute!
Before we traveled to Williamsburg, Scott and I took a nice long hike at a state park near where we live.  It was a gorgeous day for a hike!  

We ended up getting to a part of the trail where we'd either have to turn around or wade across a stream to get to the other side.  We really wanted to get to the other side, but wading in the stream didn't sound like much fun.  Being the resourceful man that he is, Scott found a downed tree for us to cross. 

There he goes:   

The tree wasn't that high up, but I definitely didn't want to fall off into the stream.  Hiking the last 4 miles in soggy boots didn't sound like much fun at all. 

And now for the Edit Me Challenge.  The guest judge this week is Bree from His Honey & Her Mommy.  The picture is of her beautiful little girl.  It's such a precious picture, isn't it?   

Here's the photo before

 Here's the photo after my edit:
 What I did: 
  • I wanted to keep the color in the photo but I wanted to make it look brighter and crisper.
  • I cropped the picture a bit to get her slightly more centered but not too much so it looked staged--I wanted it to have a more natural feel.
  • I decreased the exposure slightly, but increased the fill light and the blacks as well.  
  • I increased the brightness, vibrance, and contrast of the picture. 
  • I masked it a bit but didn't do much for noise reduction

What do you think?  What would you have done differently??

I have plenty more photos to share with you all--maybe I'll share more from our Williamsburg trip tomorrow.

Are you looking for a fun photo challenge?  Join myself and Marilyn from The ArtsyGirl Connection for our Finagle a Foto challenge!!  The challenge for this week is Black & White Texture--are you up for the challenge??


  1. Very pretty photos Kirsten...love love your after edit! Hugs

  2. That looks fantastic! Nature is just gorgeous isn't it!!

  3. That looks fantastic! Nature is just gorgeous isn't it!!

  4. So bright and summery! Great edit. Also love your weekend photos :>)

  5. You editing ELECTRIFIES HER! My word. It is like she is jumping out of the page! I cannot believe how amazingly beautiful she is!

  6. Great photos!!!! I love the effect you did :)

  7. Great photos.
    I love the brightness of your edit me photo. Great job.

  8. Really love your edit! The bright crisp colors are just gorgeous!

  9. Love the sharness you created!

  10. Love that forest shot! And your edit me edit is so bright and cheerful!

  11. Oh my goodness gorgeous!! Great editing job!



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