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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Photo Challenges #26 - #30 Close-up, Something Blue, Eyes, Bad Habit, Self-Portrat & and Edit Me Challenge

Hello friends!  I hope you're all having a wonderful Wednesday.  Mine's going well so far--the weatherman says it will get up in the mid-60s today which is awesome!

Well, as promised last week, I'm ending my photo challenge with a *bang* today!  Today, I present to you photos from my last 5 challenges.

 Here is my close-up photo.  It's from one of the plants in our home. 
Photo Challenge #26: Close-Up

 I really wanted to take a picture of my husbands eyes because I think they're amazing!  Unfortunately, he was away for training when I was going through this round of challenges so I just snapped a shot of my own.
Photo Challenge #27: Eyes

'Tis the season for Girl Scout cookies.  I was a Girl Scout for a few years when I was younger and, to this day, I still wonder if the reason I signed up for the program was because of the delicious cookies they sell.  Kidding, of course, but Girl Scout cookies are some of my favorite cookies--especially samoas!  Anyway, since both of our men were away for Valentine's Day celebrations yesterday, I had a friend over for dinner.  She brought a bottle of wine and a box of samoas.  And the worst part is, she left the whole box with me!  I avoid Girl Scout cookies like they're the plague because it's so hard for me to stop eating them.  I seriously feel like I turned into a cookie monster last night.  I didn't finish them in one night, but I feel like could've.  All of that to say, eating Girl Scout cookies is a bad habit.  Does anyone else have this problem?  Please, nobody buy me those cookies--for my own health!
Photo Challenge #28: A Bad Habit
 My Something Blue photo is what I pull out to combat the bad habit I shared above.  My kettlebell!  Well, one of the kettlebells is mine and one is my husband's--can you guess which is which?  Mine is just quite a few pounds lighter than Scott's.  What can I say?  I married a stud!
Photo Challenge #29:  Something Blue

 And my last photo for the challenge is me, Kirsten, AKA The Foreign Domestic.   It's been fun to look back at the different pictures.  It's almost like a photo diary of sorts.  Thanks for joining me on this challenge!
Photo Challenge #30: Self-Portrait
 Edit Me Challenge: 

This week's Edit Me Challenge came from judge, and supplier of this really cool castle picture, Rosie from Leavesnbloom Studio.

Here's the picture Before:


Here's what I did: 
  • I cropped the picture so the focus wouldn't be on the grass, but the focus would be on the castle--and the sheep!
  • I increased the temperature a bit but decreased the tint a little more.
  • I maintained the same exposure but as I increased the recovery and blacks, I decreased the fill light. 
  • In brightened the picture up a bit and added a little more definition with the contrast. 
  • I increased the clarity and vibrance but decreased the saturation quite a bit.
  • I set my hue at 56 and  split toning saturation at 35

What do you think?  What would you have done differently?

Special News:  I'll be joining forces with my friend Marilyn at The Artsy Girl Connection to host a photo challenge of our own!  We'll be sharing more information about the challenge on Sunday--so stay tuned!

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  1. Oh! Oh! do you see the innocence and also the knowingness in your body with those cookies. Super super super subtle and yet, very present.

  2. beautiful photos!! i love how you had the bad habit photo and then after that the kettle balls, gotta work off tat bad habit somehow ;-)

  3. The the whole look of the castle edit! Perfect for the castle's setting.

  4. This is a great series. I will agree that the Girl Scout Cookies are dangerous!

  5. I love the castle edit. Not B&W but not Sepia either. You've managed to keep the coldness of the image but yet warm it a tad if that makes sense.
    Love it.


  6. Excited to hear about your new photo challenge!!! Love your castle edit (feels a little creepy--perfect for a castle) and we share the same bad habit. Evil girlscouts! ;)

  7. I avoid "the cookies" too! When the girlscouts showed up at our house, we decided to donate boxes to the troops instead! In love with your outfits. I spy a few pieces of jewelry that I'm in love with too! Thanks for sharing:D

  8. Great shots. Love that first one and your selfie. Great edit on your edit me.

  9. GREAT SHOTS.. You are SUCH a doll.. Super cute edit.. Ahhh cookies.. SMH.. lollol. I am just as guilty... Stopping in to say hello.. Wishing you a great evening.. : )) M

  10. Wow -- these are all terrific shots. Loved especially the first one...I love up close shots like that!! :)

  11. i LOVE all your pics...they are faboulous!you have beautiful eyes.. they're perfect for the shot!...the castle shot looks way better after the editing.

  12. Love that shot of your beautiful eyes. And that editing on the castle is wonderful, those cool tones really add to the wintry feel.

  13. I am REALLY excited to join forces with YOU.. Yaaaye.. Very exciting..

  14. First of all you are gorgeous! :) As far as your edit for the Edit Me Challenge? WOW! I reallly love it! It is simple in its beauty and really tells a story!

  15. You did a great edit - I really like the 'aged' look the castle now has.

  16. I love your edit - stark, yet still so beautiful! Your other photos are wonderful, too - thank you for sharing! :)

  17. Kirsten, I really like your edit on this! Also love your big smile in the photo of you. Really a great portrait

  18. I like your last photo very much.
    Excellent post-processing.

    Regards and best wishes


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