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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Edit Me Challenge

Hi friends!  I hope you're all having wonderful weeks.  Can you believe tomorrow is Friday?  I sure can't--it seems like this week just flew by! 

If you haven't entered a picture yet, you still have time to participate in the Finagle a Foto Challenge.  Click HERE to enter.
This week's judge for the Edit Me Challenge is Stephanie from Behind the Camera and Dreaming. For this challenge, we got to edit  little boy, Jonah.  Fun, two weeks in a row we get to edit some cute little ones!


I wanted to brighten it up some a soften it as well.  Here's what I did: 

-  I slightly increased the exposure, recover, and fill light.  As I increased the fill light, I increased the blacks a bit as well
- I really increased the brightness and let back on the contrast a tiny bit
-I decreased saturation and lowered the lights and darks
- I also increased the luminance and color quite a bit. 

What do you think?  What would you have done differently?


  1. What a great improvement, Kirsten. Nice job.

  2. It looks like he's got the sun setting on him. So lovely! I want to join in your new photo challenge soon! Sounds like fun!!

  3. I REAAALY love your edit! The colors and the cute babe just pop! My week has been super crazy, but I will surely see you gals for next Sun challenge! Happy weekend mama!

  4. What a cutie patootie he is! Your edit is lovely, and does make it seem like the sun is setting on him on the right...very nice. This seems like a fun little challenge, I will have to join in next time.


  5. I love your edit, I especially love the skin tones! EXCELLENT job!! :)

  6. I love the tones in this edit, and how smooth his skin is!


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