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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finagle A Foto #3: Favorite Things

Hello everyone!  It's officially Week 3 of the Finagle A Foto Challenge!

As announced yesterday, our next challenge was chosen by last week's winner, Melanie from Happy Jax.  The challenge for the week is:   
Favorite Things
I was so excited about this challenge that I woke up this morning singing "Favorite Things" from The Sound Of Music.  "Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens..."  You know the one, right?   What a fun way to wake up! 

Favorite Things:

One of my favorite things are kisses from my husband.  Especially when he sneaks them in like in this shot.

Simple Challenge Rules:
  1. Have Fun!! 
  2. Link only your own photos.  Although the word "finagle" is used in the name of this link-up party, we don't permit or encourage imagery theft or plagiarism in any way shape or form.  Let's keep this fun and share what rightfully belongs to us.  
  3. Follow HERE and co-hosts The ArtsyGirl Connection and Happy Jax
  4. Display a button or a link back at the bottom of your post for The Foreign Domestic, The ArtsyGirl Connection, and Happy Jax
  5. Link to a specific post and not your blog's url
  6. Help us pick a winner by liking your favorite photos
  7. The winner will help us choose a challenge theme!
  8. It wouldn't be a party if you didn't mingle a little bit.  Spread the love and visit fellow challengers!

Now, let's see your challenge Foto(s)!
When you've completed the challenge, be sure to link back here.  

Happy Snapping!


  1. I adore you EVEN more for singing that.. It's one of my fav movies.. I don't know too many people who have watched it.. LOVE LOVE it.. ;)) You two are super darling.. ;)) Very beautiful sweet shot.. Pweeety smile girlie..Wishing ya a HAPPY Sunday... xoxo..

  2. You two kids are soooooo darn cute together! I can see why the hubs likes to kiss ya, you are just gorgeous my dear! Beautiful capture Kirsten. Thanks again for letting me co-host w/ you gals, I am beyond excited! XO


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