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Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Friday! Pinterest Project Fail

I'm sure we've all had an experience similar to this.  The cooking/baking/arts & crafting fails of our lives sometimes go undocumented, but look how funny they can be.  Did you laugh as hard at this picture as I did?  I hope so!  It's easy to think everyone else in the world is perfect while you're the only one creating monstrous cupcakes (pun intended).   This is a fun reminder that nobody everyone is perfect!

Maybe I should start a linking party for everyone to post their "bloopers".  Who's in???



  1. Wow, cookie monster...is a monster! lol. Hope you have a wonderful weekend Kirsten! Enjoying all your post! Hugs

  2. AhahhaaaAAA... Sorry my SWWEEET friend... the only reason I can giggle over this is because I am a horrible baker! Seriously I have a hard time making chocolate chip cookies! Ahh... I think they are adorable, & I bet they taste yummy!

    You SO rock for posting this, btw)

  3. Hey... if you changed them to green... they would totally look like Kermy (Kermet the frog!)


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