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Monday, March 26, 2012

Time Adjustments

Hey Everyone!  How were your weekends?  Wonderful, I hope.  Scott and I decided to take an impromptu trip down to Charleston, South Carolina.  We had a great time hanging out downtown and then hitting up one of the local beaches the next day.  The weather was perfect while we were there, but just as we were getting in our car to drive back home from the beach, the sky turned black and the storms commenced.  Whew...glad we missed that one!  You may remember a story I share last week about my bad luck with rain and thunderstorms.  I guess my husband's my lucky charm when it comes to escaping them. 

Last week, I shared a little bit about feeling like a more professional work from home professional.  I knew the first thing I'd have to change is the way I manage time each day. 

As I mentioned in that post, at times, I would get caught up doing household chores and work out take a backseat.  There was this looming guilt that I should fold the laundry before I started working. 

Here's a general idea of what my schedule used to look like: 

6:30-7:30 Workout
7:30-8:00 Morning Devotionals
8:00-9:00 Shower/Change/Breakfast
9:00-11:00 Clean the House
11:00-12:00pm Work
12:00-12:30pm Lunch
12:30-4:00pm Work/Errands/
4:00pm-End of Day Make Dinner/Relax/Time with Scott/Finished Leftover Work

I have a lot of stuff going on during the day on some days and my schedule can shift depending on freelance reporting opportunities I have.  Needless to say, not every day looked exactly like that, but that was my general schedule. 

Here's my new and improved schedule: 

6:30-7:30 Workout
7:30-8:00 Morning Devotionals
8:00-9:00 Shower/Change/Breakfast
9:00-12:00 Work
12:00-1:00pm Lunch Break
1:00-4:00pm Housework/ Run Errands
4:00pm-End of Day Make Dinner/Relax & Chill with Scott

After I typed up my post last week, I began implementing my new and improved schedule--what a difference!!  I feel way more focused during the day, and I end each day with a greater sense of accomplishment.  

I realized that I can get all of the work done I need to each day within 3 hours if I work straight through.  It's great because I don't have any housecleaning guilt because I know I'll have time to take care of it later.  Furthermore, during my work time, I split my schedule up into smaller chunks of time to ensure I'm staying on task with everything I need to accomplish for the day.  For instance, if I need to write an article that day, I'll allot myself 1 hour to edit the photos, type up and edit the article, and send it to my editor for review.  Depending on the assignments I'm given and if I land more freelance jobs, I may extend the work time by an hour or two, but for now it's perfect.

I think I'm both a morning and evening person; I can stay pretty focused on a given task at almost any time of day, but I definitely need breaks thrown in there every now and then.  Hence, the legitimate lunch break!  This doesn't mean I'm working while eating lunch (a bad habit I've developed over the years), but I can taste my food and not be distracted tasks. 

I know that there's always work I can do, but without a clear end to my workday, I could work for hours and hours...and that's exactly what happened.  Before, I didn't have a clear end to my workday.  There were times when I'd work way past the time I wanted to and it would cut into time I had to spend with my husband.  Now, I know that my work ends at 12:00pm and I'm free to do whatever else I need to do around the house or want to do to relax a bit.  No more allowing free time to be taken over by work!

One step closer to feeling more professional!


  1. Kirsten this one does seem to work better for you. Seemingly, you are able to stick to it...that's my problem, I'm all over the place trying to work to get things done before I'm out for the count. This is something I'm going to try to see if it will work for me. Thanks you for this post...It has given me ideas... rethinking how to use my time wisely. Hope you have a lovely day! Luv

  2. Good for you girl! I could learn a thing a two from this. Even though I don't work outside the home, & am just a SAHmama, I always have too much to do. Story of all our lives, ey?! In think it's genius that your work day ends at 12:00! Keep it up love!!


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