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Monday, May 7, 2012

48 Children

Students at Rock of Ages
48 children are still in need of a sponsor to go to school.

While I was in Uganda, I had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with the children at Rock of Ages in Mbiko.  Their smiles were and still are infectious.  

I got to laugh and play with them, hold their hands, give them high-fives and a lot of hugs.  I traveled to Uganda with small gifts I could hand out to help bring smiles to those I came in contact with.  While I know my gifts won't last very long or significantly change any lives, I learned that education is just as important and significant in Uganda as it is anywhere else in the world.  A solid education can, essentially, change the course of a child's life. 

To receive an education in Uganda, even in primary school, there are fees required.  Mbiko is a very poor village and families cannot afford to pay school fees for their children--this is why sponsorship is so important.  Fees pay the teachers, fees pay for uniforms, and fees pay to purchase food.  Sadly, not every child receives a meal at home.  But, every child at Rock of Ages is guaranteed at least one meal; many times, the meal they eat at school is the only meal they consume each day. 

While spending time at Rock of Ages, I fell in love with a little girl named Martha.  I learned that Martha was one of many children still on the list waiting to be sponsored.  I also learned that Martha would celebrate her 4th birthday a few days after I returned home to the United States.  I gave Martha and her mother a few small gifts before I left on behalf of Scott and myself, but I believe the best gift Scott and I gave them was sponsorship.  We decided to sponsor Martha to ensure she receives a good education to help pave a better future.
Me with Martha & her mom

Me & Martha

Sponsoring a child guarantees a spot in the school for the sponsored child. $20 per month is all it takes to enable your child to receive an education by qualified teachers, one meal & juice each school day, and a school uniform.  If you're interested in sponsoring a child, click here to learn more.  
Students in Class at Rock of Ages
There are 48 children still in need of a sponsor. I saw and took pictures of each of the 48 children on this list.  They're real and their needs are real too. 



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    1. Yes, all of the money goes to the school and ensuring students are fed, clothed, and teachers are paid.

  2. I believe in how connected we truly are, and how today, your life, has changed another's

    Thank you for sharing .


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