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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Finagle A Foto #12: Anything Goes

I'm back and I'm ready to Finagle some Fotos!! While I was away, Melanie and Marilyn carried on with the Finagle a Foto Challenges--I hope you joined them because it looked like they had a great time! 

The challenge for this week is *Anything Goes*

Before we get into the challenge, we have a guest host.  Please help us welcome Kelly-Marie from Our Footprints on The World!!

Name: Kelly-Marie
Blog name: Our Footprints On The World

Describe yourself in three words:  
Laid-back (Is that one word .. I guess so), trustworthy and friendly.

What does photography mean to you: 
 I feel like all though school and things I have never picked up a hobby that I am good at or have enjoyed for more then a week. Then my little guy was born and I just couldn't help taking pictures of everything he did (not that he did a lot when he was first born). Then my sister came along with her fancy camera and took one picture of him which looked so awesome and it was then I knew I wanted a DSLR myself. Since then my love for photography grows more and more as I learn new tricks. For me I just love capturing my little guy.  

What are you working w/ {camera, lens's, fav editing tools, accessories}:  
I have a Nikon D3100 with a 50-200mm lens.
To organise and do some basic editing I use a free, yes FREE! programme called Photoscape. Then If I want some more fancy editing or text then I use things like Piccy.com.
What are a few items on your photography gear wish list:  
My poor hubby is always getting told what new lenses I want to get. I think my next buy will be a 50mm prime lens to get those sharp shots.
What is your most FAVorite photograph you've ever taken, & why:
Where would you like your photography journey to be in  a year:

What is your most FAVorite photograph you've ever taken, & why:  
Ok I have a few and yes they are all of Josh, he's my baby what can I say :D
Two of them really capture his eyes beautifully and the other is just the most cutest face ever.

Where would you like your photography journey to be in a year:  
Well I actually have a few people lined up wanting small photo sessions with me, so hopefully one day I would love to create a small photo business specailising in children's photography. With maybe an extra little one on the way in our little family to photograph ;)

So glad you to have you as a co-host this week, Kelly-Marie!!


Well, I've gotten thru about 300 photos of 3,500+ photos from my trip to Uganda.  I've been having fun processing them, but I haven't had the chance to really snap any other photos this week.  So, I'll share some of my favorite photos that I worked on this week...anything goes, right?? Awesome!

Fishermen on the Nile River

Some of the young girls at Rock of Ages School wanted to see what I was taking pictures of inside

Some of my new friends holding my hand.  They loved my watch and learned how to use it pretty quickly.
Along the road in Mbiko, Uganda

Simple Challenge Rules:
  1. Have Fun!! 
  2. Link only your own photos.  Although the word "finagle" is used in the name of this link-up party, we don't permit or encourage imagery theft or plagiarism in any way shape or form.  Let's keep this fun and share what rightfully belongs to us.  
  3. Follow HERE and co-hosts The ArtsyGirl Connection and Happy Jax
  4. Display a button or a link back at the bottom of your post for The Foreign Domestic, The ArtsyGirl Connection, and Happy Jax
  5. Link to a specific post and not your blog's url
  6. Help us pick a winner by liking your favorite photos
  7. The winner will help us choose a challenge theme!
  8. It wouldn't be a party if you didn't mingle a little bit.  Spread the love and visit fellow challengers!

I can't wait to see your challenge Foto!
When you've completed the challenge, be sure to link back here.  

Happy Snapping!


  1. Oh wow 3,500 photo's! these are gorgeous hun x x

  2. Marvelous photographs! I like the image of the kids looking into the window the most. The bicyclist with all that cargo is also splendid! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Amazing photo's! Hi Kirsten, welcome back! Stopping by to say hello and wish you a lovely evening! Hugs

  4. Your photos are great! So glad that I found your blog. Kelly-Marie sent me over and I am now following.

  5. Kirsten! I am just in awe of these photos, & what absolutely gorgeous little souls those beautiful children have. Their smiles are infectious! The Nile River shot is STUNNING, but those sweet smiley faces are it!

    So glad you are back hon! Can't wait to see more amazing shots!!


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