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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finagle A Foto #14: Best of the Week

Welcome to
Finagle A Foto Challenge #14
Theme: {Best of Week}
I'm still working on getting back on track & thankfully, my Finagle a Foto Co-hosts have been gracious enough to help me out this week...
No special themes or focal points to focus on. 
You can link up your Favorite/best shot(s) from the week


I'm still in the process of editing all of my pictures from Uganda, and here are some of my favorite shots I edited this week:  

Preschool students at Rock of Ages

Students praying before school starts

A neighborhood boy looking at the school children playing
Some of the girls at Rock of Ages School playing

Jaja- A grandmother and caretaker of some of the students at Rock of Ages
Simple Challenge Rules:
  1. Have Fun!! 
  2. Link only your own photos.  Although the word "finagle" is used in the name of this link-up party, we don't permit or encourage imagery theft or plagiarism in any way shape or form.  Let's keep this fun and share what rightfully belongs to us.  
  3. Follow HERE and co-hosts Marylin and Melanie
  4. Display a button or a link back at the bottom of your post for The Foreign Domestic, The ArtsyGirl Connection, and Happy Jax
  5. Link to a specific post and not your blog's url
  6. Help us pick a winner by liking your favorite photos
  7. The winner will help us choose a challenge theme!
  8. It wouldn't be a party if you didn't mingle a little bit.  Spread the love and visit fellow challengers!

I can't wait to see your challenge Foto!
When you've completed the challenge, be sure to link back here.  

Happy Snapping!


  1. Wow, these are amazing photos. Thank you for sharing them!

  2. I LOVE that second one of the boy praying. What an intimate moment you captured between he & the Lord! WOW!

  3. Your photos are great! Love that first and last shot; gorgeous!

  4. SIghhhhh... Absolutely AMAZING, & like Gina said such beautiful intimate moments captured! These children s souls just shine right through, it's a simply GORGEOUS thing! SOOO glad your back friend!!

  5. What wonderful shots! Traveling to another country puts everything in perspective. You have some lovely shots. My favorite is the boy sitting alone against the wall.

  6. These pictures are stunning. There is such a soulfulness to them. Beautiful.

  7. These are really amazing...soooo full of emotion!

  8. Beautiful captures! Very moving!


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