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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Finagle A Foto #14: Winners

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this week's challenge of  Finagle A Foto!
All of your photos were great!! 

We have 3 winners for the "Best of the Week" challenge.  It was very hard to decide, but here's who came out on top:

We all loved this photo.  Such a precious capture of this little one in her cute garb.  The brightness & clarity of the shot captured our attention!  Thank you for sharing this with us, Becky! 

 This shot was of Elena's little one also caught our attention--simply beautiful.  You could write a story to accompany this picture.  Thanks, Elena!


Mrs. Claus shared this picture and we're so happy she did.  The black & white gives it a timeless look and the light reflecting off of the water really brightens it up.  A classic look!

Winners can grab a button and celebrate!

Again, thank you to everyone who participated in the challenge. 

And now to announce our next challenge...

Finagle a Foto Challenge #15: 
Best of the Week

We'll have the link open tomorrow (Sunday) thru Friday.

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