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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Fitness Goal

It's been a little while since I've shared anything about fitness goals and that's largely due to the fact that it's been awhile since I even set a fitness goal for myself.  Well, my friends, that has changed.  Actually, it changed two weeks ago but I haven't shared anything about it here--and that changes today.

For the last few months, I've gotten out of shape and started to put on weight.  Most of the weight gain came from not eating balanced meals and working out sporadically.

Two weeks ago, I created and started to follow a pretty good fitness program.  The focus of the plan is on getting cardio in 6 times a week and strength training in at least 4 times a week.  Of course, a good workout plan should be accompanied by a well-balanced meal plan.  For those of you who follow my From Your Kitchen To Mine series, you've seen that I've been choosing to share healthier options for meals.  They're healthier but soo tasty!!

My Motivation
The fitness plan I created for myself is 12 weeks long.  Over course of the plan, I've decided weigh myself once a week to track changes in body weight and keep track of inches lost by recording my measurements.  My overall goal is to stick with the 12-week program and finish it.  As a result of sticking with the program, I hope to drop 20 pounds. 

Let's talk about motivation.  A couple of weeks ago, I saw a super cute dress in the store.  I tried it on, and it fit, but it just didn't hang right on my body, but I bought it anyway.  I typically don't do that, but I think when I reach the *12 pounds lost* marker, it will look much better.  When I got home from the store, I showed Scott the dress and told him I lose 12 pounds, I'm going to put the dress on and he's going to take me on a hot date!  He agreed and I'm pretty excited to reach my goal.  (He's probably way more excited than I am).  The dress in the picture  isn't the exact dress I bought, but it looks a lot like it--it's my motivation!  After 2 weeks, I'm already down 6, I'm halfway there!  6 down, 6 more to go.

I also told Scott that when I meet my final goal, he has surprise me with something really cool.  I'm interested to see what it is, but until then, I'll keep up with my plan.  10 more weeks left and then I'll develop another one.

Do you have any fitness goals?  If so, I'd love to hear them!


  1. Love the dress! And that's an awesome plan!

  2. That dress is amazing.. I LOVE it.. I do have a fitness goal (rolling my eyes at it right now) lollol.. I've been using my fitness pal and love it, it kinda keeps me in track per my phone.. Do you use it..? I want to loose 25 pounds by the beginning of August 9baby weight - tears!) hopefully it happens. I'll be cheering for you hon, can't wait to see you rock that dress.. DO IT.. GO girl.. Miss ya.. Stopping in to say hello.. Wishing you a beautiful evening.. xo Marilyn

  3. Kirsten, I totally get it! I'm so glad I'm not the only one with an inspiration/motivation dress. And I think both of our goals are reasonable and that helps a lot. Wishing you happy losing! You can do it and congrats on the 6 lbs that are already gone.

  4. Funny you should mention this. I put on 5 pounds since my birthday (about 2 months) and can't seem to get myself out of my fitness routine. I run and do elliptical and NO WEIGHT training! My fitness goals now are to weight train 2 times a week and perhaps fit in a new rockclimbing class or spin class....

    But it is SO hard to get into that habit! I find myself resisting doing new things and just going about my usual pattern....

  5. Good for you! I seriously need to get on a workout plan. I like your motivation idea


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