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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

From Your Kitchen to Mine: Recipes 76-80

Hey All!  5 new recipes to share with you and they're all clean!  I hope you enjoy.  Let me know if you try one and what you think about it.  But if you do, make sure you also tell the person who provided the recipe!


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Check out this week's recipes!

Steak Tacos With Avocado Cream Sauce

This recipe came from Kayti at Incredible Shrinking Mom.  I love Southwestern/Mexican food, but there aren't always healthy options that fall in this genre.  When I saw this recipe, and that it was clean, I knew I had to try it.  This meal didn't take long at all; the thinly sliced steak cooked pretty quickly.  I was amazed at how much flavor there was even though it wasn't drenched in salsa or another type of sauce.  The avocado cream sauce was pretty tasty, but if you're not up for creams, regular guacamole will work well too.  I'm definitely making this again.  Thanks, Kayti!

Click here for the recipe.

Crispy Chipotle Bean Burrito

This recipe came from Healthy Working Mom.  Yes, we were in the mood for some tacos and burritos last week.  This recipe, like the previous one, was also very tasty and surprisingly easy to make...except for one part.  Since I began this series, I've made more recipes with phyllo dough than I've ever even thought about phyllo dough in the past 10 years, but I'm still having a little trouble getting it to fully cooperate.  I'm getting a little better, but I think I'm doing something wrong because the dough breaks on me so easily.  Any pointers??  Anyway, aside for the phyllo dough drama, it was a great meal.  Scott and I really liked it and we happily consumed the leftovers (yes, it made leftovers) the next day for lunch!  Yum!

 Click here for the recipe.


Alfredo Tutto Giardino

This recipe came from Sarah at Cooking Through Books.  I was so excited when I came across this recipe.  A clean alfredo dish??  Yes, please!  After chopping up and cooking all the yummy veggies, I attempted to make the alfredo sauce.  Note, I said attempted.  I'm really not sure what happened or what went wrong, but there's a definite difference between the look of the sauce on my pasta versus the one in Sarah's picture.  Somehow, it managed to still taste great.  If for no other reason than to get the sauce right, I'll be making this again!  But there is another reason:  we loved it!  Thanks, Sarah!

Click here for the recipe.

Overflowing Portobellos

Overflowing portobellos--delicious.  This recipe came from teen chef, Ann Claire, over at A Flourishing Foodie.  There are some people who don't like mushrooms--Scott & I don't fall into that category.  If you don't like mushrooms, or if you're allergic, obviously this is not the dish for you.  This dish was super tasty and I'm so glad I tried it out.  I almost made a huge mistake while making it...I almost forgot to add the balsamic vinegar.  Don't make my almost-made mistake.  I think the vinegar is what really ties in the flavors and enhances them.  After we finished dinner, Scott asked if I could make this again.  The answer is:  Yes!  So tasty and super easy to put together.  Thanks, Ann Claire!

Click here for the recipe.


Porcini & Garlic Mashed Potatoes

I don't make mashed potatoes often, but I thought it would be fun to try a healthy version of this side dish.  I found this recipe on Cleaning Up:  A Clean Eating Journal.  I liked that there wasn't a ton of milk and no butter for this recipes--nice and clean!  The ingredients were pretty straight forward, although I did have a tough time finding procini mushrooms.  Aside from the unique ingredients list, making procini and garlic mashed potatoes was really no different than making any other kind of mashed potatoes which made it pretty easy.  I ended up with a lot of mashed potatoes at the end--plenty to go around!  Next time, I may experiment a little more with the seasonings.  Overall, we really enjoyed this side dish.

Click here for the recipe.

Well, that's it for this week, I hope you all enjoyed the recipes  
~From Your Kitchen To Mine~!  

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  1. I've made the "crockpot" Falafels twice now...once on the stove and once in the crock-pot! They are delish! Thanks for sharing Kirsten!


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