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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Lighthouse Edit

Happy Thursday, friends!  How are you?  I hope all is well!  This week's Edit Me Challenge photo came from Desirae at Sommerfugl Photography and Design.  

Desirae is a mother, web designer, blogger, graphic artist, photographer, pencil artist, wife, daughter, freelancer, animal lover...whew, Desirae, how do you do it all?  So glad she found time in her schedule to snap and share this really cool photo for us to edit this week!  

Here's the photo before: 

Here's the photo after my edit:

For those of you who've been following along on my Edit Me Challenge journey, you may know that I keep things pretty conservative.  Well, this time, I decided to have lots of fun with the edit and do something out of the ordinary--for me, that is!  I wanted to make the lighthouse look like it was glowing and really emitting light

Here's what I did: 

- I cropped the picture so the lighthouse was centered.
- Increased the temperature and decreased the tint a little bit
-I upped the exposure a bit, but not too much.  But I really increased the recovery, fill light, and blacks. 
- I increased the brightness quite a bit (almost maxed out).  I had the contrast levels pretty even at first, but I like the way increasing the contrast made the edges look. 
- I decided to give the photo a true glowing effect by giving it a post-crop vignette to darken the edges. 

What do you think?  What would you do?

Thanks for the cool shot for us to edit, Desirae!  
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  1. you certainly made the photo pop, great brilliance!

  2. You really got the glow girl! Nice edit.

  3. I really love the color in this picture. You really warmed it up and it fits so well with the light house!

  4. wow i love your editing job!! terrific


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