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Monday, June 11, 2012

Sprinklers & Skillets

Hey Everyone!  I hope you all had wonderful weekends.  Ours was pretty nice--lots of relaxing, spur of the moment activities.  Actually, the weekend was so great, I overestimated my productivity level today.  I charted out my schedule today and had it packed with things I needed to work on around the house or get accomplished for work.  I thought for sure I'd get it all done.  Not so much.  Don't get me wrong, I was pretty productive, but I only got 1/3 of the tasks on my list accomplished.  But that's alright, because I got one major task accomplished that I wasn't planning on working one until later this week.  It's one that Scott & I have both been putting off for far too long.  In my eyes, that makes up for it. 

If you read my blog post title quickly you may be wondering why I'm posting about rainbow-inspired candy.  Well, I'm not.  You probably just re-read it to make sure you read it right.  No talk of sprinkles and skittles today, but a bit of talk of sprinklers and skillets.  Random, right?  Yes, a tad bit.  

Me before the 10-miler
Before the weekend started, I ran The Army Birthday 10-miler.  I found out about it the Friday prior when a friend texted me and asked if I'd be interested in running a 10K with another  friend since her husband would no longer be able to.  "Sure!" was my response.  A few texts later my friend texted me back with:  "...I meant 10 miles, but you likely figured that."  Yikes!  It had been almost 3 months since I ran over 5 miles.  But I found my run cruise control button and ran the 10 miles. 

This is where the sprinklers come in.  Around the 8th mile or so, they had sprinklers set up for runners to run under and cool off.  I immediately had a flashback to my sophomore year of college when they had a fire hydrant blasting water near the finish point of an 8 mile run at the end of summer training.  My husband, then only a good friend, was running in front of me, and one of my best friends, Alexis, (who was also running the 10-miler on Friday) was running behind me.  Anyway, at the time, I had a relaxer and so did Alexis.  When we approached the fire hydrant, Alexis and I screamed and ran as far away from the spewing water as we could.  We feared finishing the run with frizzy, unmanageable hair.  I mean, finding time to do your hair at a military academy isn't always easy--at least it wasn't then.  But this past Friday, I ran through the sprinklers.  I literally ran straight into the water.  With natural hair (not flat ironed that week), I embraced every drop of water on my hair!  After running 8 miles, I loved those sprinklers!


Since late last year, my sister-in-law, Julie, has been trying to convince me to get a cast iron skillet.  I have so many pots and pans, I just didn't see the need to get one.  "It will change your life," Julie promised.  Since then, I've kinda kept my eye open for one but wasn't shopping or looking too hard for one.  

A couple of weeks ago, I was shopping downtown with some friends and came across a really cook cast iron skillet at an antique store.  I looked at it and almost purchased it, but I wasn't prepared to buy it then.  This past Saturday, Scott and I were hanging out downtown and I thought it would be cool to check out the antique store again, I kinda wanted to see if the skillet was still there.  It was!!!  The cashier asked if I wanted to leave it at the front while I continued to look around.  As soon as I put it on the counter, about 3 other people walked by eying it and asking if there was another one--there wasn't.  

When I checked out, I told the cashier how I saw it a couple of weeks prior and came back for it.  "That rarely ever happens," she told me.  "Normally things disappear pretty quickly here."  Well, I'm now a proud owner of my very first cast iron skillet.  It better change my life!!!  hahah, kidding ;).  

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