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Thursday, June 14, 2012

An Update & An Edit

Hey Everyone!  I have some exciting news to share with you all.  Do you remember the amazing giveaway that I had back in January?  So sorry if you missed out on it.  Parapet Photography was generous enough to offer a free photo shoot for the winner and a bunch of other fun things in the package.  Well, I have an update for you...the photos are back! 


Our lucky winner, Christy, used her photo shoot to capture some fun bridal pictures with her husband.  They have some beautiful shots and Parapet Photography has been generous enough to give us a little glimpse of some of them on their blog.  Click here to check them out!  Congratulations, again, to Christy and a BIG thank you to Parapet Photography--you all rock!



The Edit Me Challenge photo this week is from Jaymi at Live, Love, Travel.  Jaymi gives great photo editing advice and shares some amazing shots on her site--you should check it out!

I was SO excited when I saw the picture.  It looked beautiful before the edit, but I was excited to brighten & warm it up a bit. 

Here's The Before: 

Here's My After:

Here's what I did:  
  • I wanted to keep the look and feel of the picture natural.  
  • I decided not to crop the photo because I liked the rocks in the background and I really just didn't want to cut anything out. 
  • I decreased the exposure a bit but upped the fill light and the blacks of the photo
  • I increased the brightness and contrast slightly as well
  • To give the photo some warmth, I increased the vibrance and saturation, but I tried not to overdo it. 

What do you think about what I did?  What would you do differently?


  1. Great edit Kirsten! I really love all the color you added and how much more dramatic the photo looks! Thanks so much for participating and editing my photo!

  2. I really love the glow that you have achieved - its fantastic :-)

  3. I'd say we had similiar ideas in warming it up. It's exactly what it needed. Nice job!

  4. It's gorgeous! The colors and warmth are perfect!

  5. Hi Kirsten, Very nice indeed! I like to edit my images too (I edit/design affordable custom-images as a freelancer), and it is always better to increase the vibrance and saturation of the images ever so lightly as it looks more natural and gives them a gorgeous look. Great work :)

  6. Hi again Kirsten! Just a quick word to let you know that thanks to my visit to your site yesterday and your gorgeous edit, I discovered the EditMe challenge and had fun editing the image too. If you have 2 mns to spare, feel free to check the EditMeChallenge post on my blog, I added a little thank-you note for you. Your edit is still one of my favorites by the way, you did such a fantastic job that I wouldn't be surprised if you take the prize home!


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