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Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Sponsor: Bow Ray Mi!

Hello Everyone!  I hope you're all doing well today.  
Today, I'm pretty excited to share that I have a new amazing sponsor!  

Please help me extend a warm welcome to my newest sponsor:  Bow Ray Mi!

Bow Ray Mi was created and is currently operated by a lovely lady by the name of Stephanie.  Stephanie started making bows in Spring 2010 for her two girls. She was looking all over to find bows to match their Easter dresses and couldn't find any in styles or colors that she liked. So, being the studious and constructive lady that she is, she researched online how to make bows and thought she could do it!  Well, she certainly can!  She I bought some ribbon and got to work.  After awhile, people started to ask her girls where they got their bows, and with the questions, came requests for Stephanie to make bows made for them.  Stephanie received so many requests, she decide to start her own business--Bow Ray Mi! 

Hairbows for the Princesses in your life!

Bow Ray Mi mostly does special orders to ensure each customer gets the exact bow they want.  Stephanie will take it one step further and match the bows to outfits, if you provide a picture. If you don't see a style you like, send me a picture and I will let you know if I can do it or not. Special orders do not cost extra!  Pretty amazing, right?  

Bow Ray Mi offers a large assortment of bows.  Stephanie makes and sells boutique bows, pinwheel bows, korker bows, flower loop bows...and this list goes on!  Seriously, you have to check out the Bow Ray Mi Facebook Page--there are just too many amazing styles to list/explain in one post!

My twin nieces actually wear some of Stephanie's flower headbands and they look pretty dang cute in them--and I'd say that even if I weren't partial!  Here are a couple of photos of them sporting their Bow Ray Mi gear. {Proud Auntie Moment!}

Thank you, Stephanie!  Welcome to the team :)

Would you like more information about Bow Ray Mi or how to purchase your bow?  
Email:  bowraymi@gmail.com

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