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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Time-Wasting Appliances

Have you ever purchased an appliance or a kitchen tool that you thought would help save you time in the kitchen, but it did just the opposite?  Well, I did that a couple of weeks ago.  I bought this "handy-dandy" chopper thingy because I thought it would help save me time chopping onions and other veggies for different meals.  I quickly discovered that the chopper thingy was not so handy-dandy.

It's so sad, I had such high hopes for it.  You see, I own something similar to it but it's tucked away in storage.  The other device I own is pretty amazing.  It allows me to chop up onions and other veggies so fast and I don't have to do anything extra to or with it.  Not the case with this one. 

When I first used the new chopper, I thought maybe I was doing something wrong.  Pieces of onion kept getting stuck in the grooves and I'd spend at least five minutes trying to get them out.  I gave the chopper the benefit of the doubt for 3 meals--yes, I was being very patient.  Each time, Scott would see me struggling with it, he'd just chuckle...yeah, it was pretty comical.  I even tried it on more solid foods like carrots, but no luck there either.  The chopped food pieces would get stuck in the grooves and the grooves were too sharp for me to stuck my finger in to pull them out, so I'd have to pull out a knife to wiggle them out---ugh!!  I thought about giving it away or donating it, but why put someone else through the same pain and frustration I experienced only to learn that it's a faulty tool?  So, I've finally decided to lay this device to rest.  Good-bye!

Have you ever seen a kitchen tool like this?  Does it work??


  1. I would send it back to the manufacturer and get your money back.....

    Lou :-)

    1. Do you think they'll take it even without a receipt? I don't have it anymore :(

  2. HA! I have about 50 useless appliances! LOL! Thanks for following me...following you back...adorable blog!!!

    Ramblings of a Southern Belle!

  3. I had the same little tool, and was just as unimpressed as you. I either got rid of it or donated it, can't recall, but not worth any one's money or time.

  4. Yes, I have bought quite a few useless gadgets in the past! I don't buy too many now--I figure some of these "time savers" waste my time just cleaning them! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a new follower!

  5. I purchased something similar before. However, it was eclectic and would not even turn on. I hope you are able to get your money back.

    Mrs. Delightful


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