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Monday, July 2, 2012

Trivial Pursuits

Hey there friends!  How are you today?  I hope you all had wonderful weekends!  Mine was pretty nice.  

I really feel like my weekend started on Wednesday.  Every Wednesday evening for the past few weeks, Scott and I will meet up with some friends at a local restaurant and grab a meal and play trivia.  

Scott with his classic frowny face at Trivia Night
We would do better each week we played, but just kept missing out on the top 3 spots...until last week.  We won!  We beat 12 teams for the number one spot.  Trivia nights are a fun tradition for us now.  Have you ever been to a trivia night?  What did you think?  

Scott likes to challenge me to spontaneous arm wrestling competitions


I also had the chance to finish processing some maternity photos I took of some family/friends (friends that have become family and family that are friends).  They live in Raleigh, NC, so we took the chance to walk around downtown Raleigh--so much fun!.  

Here's a look at some of the shots:


A little bonus for the weekend:  I got to attend a Natural Hair Expo right here in town!  Pretty cool!  It was the first Natural Hair Expo in the city we live in and it was definitely the first one I've ever been to.  I think my favorite part was looking around the room and seeing a ton of different styles sported by the hundreds of beautiful ladies in attendance!  


What's Next?  

Make sure you check back in tomorrow for 5 tasty new recipes from 5 new blogs!! 
Here's a sneak peek:
Raspberry & Brie Flatbreads

What did you do this weekend?  I can't wait to hear!

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  1. Love the processing on the arm wrestling! Great maternity shots.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE Kirsten.. What wonderful shots.. The arm wrestling one is too cute.. LOVE it.. Those pregnancy shots are soo darling, I LOVE the tones, the perspective.. SO happy and cute.. Lovely moments... LOVE this.. Thanks SO much for linking to Finagle a Foto this week. Wishing you a beautiful evening.. xo.. Marilyn (co-host)

  3. Hey girllll! SO happy you see your name on the linky!! Lifes been crazzy busy around here, but really great! OMGosh. LOVE that you & the hubs do the trivia thing... so cute! Also, the maternity shoot turned out fantastic! LOVE the ones where they're in the street. XOOX!!

  4. Oh I just love game nights! We used to do Trivia but you know what is super fun (for a change) is Taboo! We just love it! Great pics! I am loving that shot of the Raspberry & Brie Flatbreads. Looks sooooo delicious!

  5. I think it is super bonding and positive energy to be committed to a regular activity in your community...and to WIN! Cograts! I would love to be on your team or try to play against yoU!


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