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Thursday, September 27, 2012

12 Weeks: Sometimes, I Forget

Hello Friends!

Thank you all so much for all of the sweet notes and you left me on the last blog post--I appreciate each and every one of them!!

Well, I'm posting my first "belly" shots of the pregnancy.  I was tempted to take pictures at 4 weeks when we first found out...and then tempted again at 8 week, but I just never did.  I think I pretty much looked normal back then, but I feel like my body's changed a bit over the last few weeks, and I know it will change even more over the next few months.  So, where are a couple of pictures of me at 12 weeks and 2 days.

Remember when I told you about me measuring 8 weeks further than I am (20 weeks instead of 12 weeks)?  Well, we found out that it's because I have a few uterine fibroids, so I probably look further along than I am in the pictures below.  We're praying and have faith that everything will go well with the pregnancy and our baby will continue to grow strong and healthy.  If you think of it, please join us in praying for this.  I'm changing some things up in my diet to help make sure they don't grow any bigger and hopefully even shrink!  I have an appointment for this in a couple of weeks--I'll keep you all updated. 

Scott and I are so excited that our family is growing, but sometimes it's still hard for me to believe that I'm pregnant!  I'm still a bit early in the pregnancy and haven't officially made it into the 2nd trimester.  Since it's still so early, I sometimes forget that I'm pregnant.  Don't worry, I don't forget when I'm in the middle of doing something reckless.  Why?  Because there's NO reckless behavior here!  No need to panic, folks!  There are clearly times when I remember I'm pregnant and even when I don't.  

Here are a few of the times I remember I'm pregnant:
  • When I get super tired and want to take a nap.  
  • When I sit down for a meal and (more often than not) I decide to make a healthy option (even when I'm craving french fries) because I know I have to provide the best nutrients for our little one. 
  • When others are drinking wine and I'm sipping on water or bubbly water (sometimes I want to feel fancy).
  • When I take my prenatal vitamins each morning. 
  • When someone who heard the news and congratulates me.
  • As I chug on my ginormous water bottle to stay hydrated.
  • When I wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Or the 20 other times I'm in there throughout the day.
  • When I look at how strong and healthy my nails are. 
  • When Scott says something sweet about the baby growing.
  • When I look at my bras and wonder how much longer I'll be able to fit them.
  • When I look at a cute outfit in a store window and remind myself I shouldn't buy anything because I won't be able to fit it much longer anyway.
  • When I glance at our ultrasound pictures on the refrigerator. 

So, when do I forget I'm pregnant?  
  • That split second when I'm changing/getting dressed and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, look at my stomach, and think "Oh, my goodness....what happened to me??"  Then I remember....yes, I'm making a baby and my stomach will pop even more over the next 6 months!  And then I smile.


  1. Kirsten, I know that I am partial because I love you and have known you for years but you are looking AMAZING! I am so happy for you and Scott, and your families! I can't wait to follow along with your pregnancy and please keep me posted with your babyshower (as time gets closer) I would love to be there!! Love you and God Bless! Your family will definitely be in my nightly prayers!

  2. you are too cute!! You are going to be a cute prego lady and an amazing mom!! I am sure your mom and dad are excited as well!! miss you Kirsten
    Love Susan

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  4. Kirsten, you are as beautiful as ever. I am so happy for you and Scott. If you need anything (I get to take care of lots of pregnant ladies at womack!) please dont hesitate to ask. It's always more fun when it's a family you know. :)

  5. You look lovely, just radiant! You'll be cradling your little bundle of joy in no time :)

  6. Awww Kristen you look Great! I'm super excited for you and your Husband to experience parenthood, it is one of the best feelings in the world!!!

  7. You look gorgeous! I am so happy and excited for you :)

  8. We are praying for your safety at every level and happy to see the Joy that this has brought to you and Scot. Blessings and Much love to you both. Jeff Uganda.

  9. Kirsten I am just now seeing this post and you are a skinny mint and you look beautiful! What an awesome post that I enjoyed reading.... Just likes all of your other ones.

  10. I meant Skinny Minny! Love, your sister.

    1. I am not so good at typing on Vince's iPhone! I meant to say "Just LIKE all of your other ones." ;-)


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