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Thursday, June 27, 2013

He Slept Alone in His Crib...

Last week, I shared with you all that Trey slept alone in his crib.  Notice the verb tense I used in the title of this post and the previous sentence:  "slept".  Meaning, he did in the past but he's not currently "sleeping" in his crib every night.  Yes, Trey slept in his crib...for two days...and then he stopped wanting to, and I got tired for trying to make him want to do it (I was flying solo for a couple of weeks while Scott was out of town).  Last week, I also told you all that I would share tips and hints--um, I'm definitely in no position to do that hahaha!  So, I'll share some other updates.

My brother & sister-in-law bought Trey a cute outfit when he was 2 weeks old.  I remember saying:  "it'll be awhile before he can fit into that."  He's totally wearing it right now!

2 Month Physical and Motor-Skill Markers:
  • Closing of the soft spot at the back of the head. 
  • Several newborn reflexes, such as the stepping reflex (baby appears to dance or step when placed upright on solid surface) and grasp reflex (grasping a finger). 
Trey kicks his legs the majority of the time he's in an upright position and acts like he wants to stand up straight when there's a solid surface underneath him; I'm amazed by the strength of his little legs!

Demonstrating His Neck Control
And as for grasp reflex...have you ever had a "Man, I really wish I had a video camera!" moment?  Well, this morning at 4 AM I really, really wished I had a video camera.  Trey woke up at 4 AM and was pretty upset about something I couldn't really figure out.  So after about 30 minutes of troubleshooting, I finally turned the light on and put him on my lap as I sat in bed.  After a few seconds of his eyes adjusting to the light, he started cooing and looking around with a little smile on his face (how could I possibly be flustered after seeing that little smile?).  Since he'd calmed down, I pulled out my cell phone to play some Scrabble until he decided to fall back asleep.  I was amazed at how captivated he was looking at my phone while I played.  He'd giggle a couple of times and then reach his hand out to touch the screen the way I was.  THEN, the grabbed my thumb (the digit I use to play Scrabble) and moved it across the screen.  I thought it was a fluke until he put his hand down and grabbed my thumb 3 other times and moved my thumb from side to side.  Man, I really wish I had a video camera!!..or at least someone else there to witness it!  I'm hoping he'll do it again now that Scott's home...we shall see.  
  • Less head lag (head is less wobbly on the neck).  
At his two-month check-up, the doctor was amazed by Trey's neck control.  I'm finding that he gets frustrated if I lean him against me or something else instead of letting him sit without neck support.  I guess he likes working out those neck muscles!  
  • When on stomach, able to lift head almost 45 degrees. 
We're working on this one.  He lifts his head and doesn't totally hate tummy time anymore, and he lifts his head but he's not quite at 45 degrees yet.  It'll probably take a little more time to get there.  We still have a couple weeks left of his 2 months!
  • Less flexing of the arms and legs while lying on the stomach. 
I thought the only time he flexed his arms and legs while lying on his stomach before was because he was screaming his little head off because he hated tummy-time so much!  But, now he doesn't scream anymore and his body is much, much more relaxed.  {The picture to the left isn't the best representation of this}

He's growing up, folks! 

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