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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo...

Have you ever ordered glasses online?  How did it go for you?  I have the hardest time ordering glasses online because...well...I just don't trust that little picture of me that shows me what I might look like wearing the glasses.  I like to actually try frames on before I purchase them.  I don't wear glasses to look cute, I wear glasses because I wouldn't be able to see without them.  Seriously, I wouldn't be able to see anything without them.  BUT, that doesn't mean I don't want to look cute while I wear them.  If I have  to wear them, they're gonna look good!  There's a part of me that's so tired of going to a store to try them on, though.  

I was determined to find an online glasses store that is affordable, reliable, and has stylish frames.  I read reviews of several online stores I came across and I just wasn't impressed.  And then I came across a few others...some that would ship me a few frames to try on for free to help me decide which frames I should go with.  I ended up choosing Classic Specs

 **Disclaimer:  I am not being paid for this post nor have I received any free products from them because of this post.**  Classic Specs allowed me to choose 6 frames that they shipped for me to try on.  And, I must say that their virtual try-on was pretty good.  Look at the photos below...the red frames are really as red as they look in the virtual try-on!
Virtual Try-On
Real Life

Best part of it all, they have a flat-rate price line!  $89 for the frames, prescription lenses, & anti-reflective coating.  Oh, and they have free shipping (including shipment for trial frames to get to you and to send back to them) and they donate a portion of profit to New Eyes for the Needy.   

Remember I told you that I desperately need glasses to see?  Well, because of that, my lenses were a bit more expensive --a $20 charge for allowing me to see into the future, hah!   But because they didn't have a color I requested for one of the frames on my list, they gave me a 10% off coupon code.  Awesome!  

So, my six frames arrived in the mail for me to try on and now I need your help!  I narrowed down my choices to my top 4.  Which frames do you think look the best??



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  1. Hi kirsten,
    I totally would have been afraid myself to order glasses online! I hear yah!
    But this is such a wonderful solution Igot to remember to give a go when my daughter needs new glasses.
    I totally love #3!

    Have a lovely weekend!
    You have a very sweeeet blog.



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