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Monday, October 7, 2013

Man Cave Monday: New Paint Color

Great Plains.  That's the name of the paint color I chose for the Man Cave.

Here it is, folks: 

I wanted to choose a light color to brighten up the basement.  But, I didn't want to make it feminine--I even steered clear of some of the colors that had more feminine names haha.  The picture I posted above makes it look like it's on the pink side, but I promise it looks more brownish beige in person.  Hey, Scott told me that he trusts me and that I don't need to ask him about everything...hopefully this will turn out nicely.  Fingers crossed.  Since the green paint on the walls was so dark, I had to get a primer to put on before Great Plains gets painted on.

It's been so long since I've painted walls, I'm nervous about messing something up. YouTube.com has become my friend for sure!   This is going to be a lengthy project...but well worth it.

What do you think of the paint color?  Is it masculine enough?

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