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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sautéed Veggies Over Tofu Noodles

Do you ever plan/make meals by letting your grocery store visit inspire you?  I do.  I love to peruse the produce section and let what I see inspire my dinner plan for the week.  Well, not always.  I do like to have a list before I go in to keep me on track--sometimes I can get a bit carried away; especially if I go in on an empty stomach.  Talk about dangerous!  But, there are those days when I just let my culinary imagination run free.  That's what happened with this meal: 

Sautéed Veggies over Tofu Noodles
What inspired me with this meal?  I saw some amazing looking peppers and thought they'd be tasty in an Asian-inspired dish.   I also came across some tofu noodles that I hadn't tried before so I decided to give those a whirl.  I must say, this dish was tastier than it looks in the pictures.  Seriously, the pictures don't do it justice.   

1T Olive Oil
1 Red Pepper Julienned 
1/2 Onion Sliced
Handful of Spinach
1 Carrot Diced
1T Minced Garlic
Soy Sauce (a splash or two)
Tofu Noodles (1 bag)

I sautéed all of the ingredients above in the olive oil except for the tofu noodles--I prepared the tofu noodles according to the package directions which were super easy.  The ingredients above make enough for one person (with a little bit of leftovers), so if you're planning on a dinner for 2+, scale each ingredient accordingly.  


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