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Monday, September 30, 2013

Welcome to "Man Cave Monday"!

I'd like to welcome you to the very first edition of my new Monday feature:  MAN CAVE MONDAY
"What on earth is Man Cave Monday?" you ask.  Great question!  Read on to find out...

When we purchased our new home, one of the parts of it that made my honey's eyes light up was this room...in the basement...right next to the garage (which is now a partial gym).  Any ideas why?  Oh wait, the title of this post and the name of my Monday feature probably gave it away, huh?  The idea of turning this space into a man cave was very appealing to my manly man.  Actually, he offered it to me to use as my office, but I opted for another room that had windows where the light could shine in hahah.  Besides, I think he should have a space to hang out in...with our little man, of course!  Anyway, Scott is kept pretty busy with work and won't have the chance to invest much time into turning this room into a nice manly space.  So, I volunteered my services.  

Here are a couple of before photos so you can see what I'm working with:  

First task on the list...getting rid of the crazy green color.  It'll take some time to fit painting in during naps and in the evenings, but it will get done.  It's also been years since I've painted walls, I'm hoping it's like riding a bike and that I can figure it out (and there's always YouTube!).  Goodbye green walls!!  Oh, and that black pole may not look right, but I promise it's not what it looks like...it truly is holding something up in the house so it has to stay there.  

I'll share the paint color I pick out for the room next week!  Stay tuned!!

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