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Monday, April 21, 2014

I NEVER Do This...

Hey Everyone, 

Well, I'm about to do something I NEVER do...are you ready for it?  I'm about to post some BEFORE pictures before I have AFTER pictures.  I NEVER do this.  I always wait for the after and then share the before.  Anyone else with me on this one?  It's kind of like "Hey I don't quite look they way I want to look in my before picture, but look at me now!"  Not this time.  Nope.  Now it's a "Hey, I don't quite look the way I want to look, but wait for it....wait for it....keep waiting....wait....."  Basically, I've got nothing to counteract my before right now.  But you know what?  I'm okay with it because I consider this post the ULTIMATE act of accountability.  I've been a bit lazy on my workouts since Scott's returned home and with vacation, parties and lots of date nights...well, things were starting to get a little out of hand.  Okay, I actually can't believe I'm doing this.  It's WAY outside of my comfort zone.  But, alas, here I am showing you my before shots:  

You may be wondering why I'm posting these before pictures.  Simple answer:  because I'm planning on a HUGE after reveal!  As of today, there are only 60 days until summer and I'm going to make the most of each day.  I have a question for you all:  what motivates you toward improved fitness and better health?  I have a few things that motivate me.  Health is a BIG motivator for me.  I also have something else that has helped motivate me to achieve the biggest weight loss of my life.  Would you like to know what it is?  Read on, my friends...

Well, after I gave birth to Trey I was sitting on the couch one day (with all that extra weight) flipping through a magazine with my mom and mother-in-law and came across some cute dresses.  After having put on all the weight that I did during pregnancy, it was hard for me to even imagine fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes...really hard.  But I decided to make a deal with myself and with my husband.  I handed the magazine over to Scott & told him to pick out two dresses.  One dress would be for a date night we would go on when he returned from deployment, and the other dress would be the one I would wear to pick him up after he came home from deployment.  And then I'd pick a third dress as a mid-way celebration for getting back in shape.  I made a deal that I would purchase the dresses ahead of time in the size I wanted to be when he returned home and I told him that I'd wear the "redeployment dress" he chose when I picked him up to bring him home.  Of course he chose one of the most formfitting dresses in the entire magazine hahaha!  But his choices kept me challenged & motivated me to reach my goal.   

Here are the dresses Scott picked: 

Blue dress on left = date night. Black dress on the right = redeployment dress. Yellow dress = my pick.


And so I purchased all three dresses before he deployed, worked my butt off (literally and figuratively), and wore the dress he chose for me to pick him up when he returned home.  Here are two pictures.  BEFORE:  This is from the exact day I told Scott to pick out the dresses for me.  AFTER:  The night I picked Scott up from his deployment!  I did it!  A 50 pound difference, a healthier me & an excited husband.

So now, 60 days out from Summer, I have a new goal in sight.  Again, I handed Scott the magazine and let him pick out my beachwear  (why do I do this to myself?? Oh yes, for the motivation & challenge!):

So, what's your motivation?  And who's joining me for the next 60 days?!?  I'm doing a few fitness challenge groups and I bet there's one perfect for you.  Email me if you want to join in:  kirsten.harr@yahoo.com.

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