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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Man Cave Monday: The FINAL Product

Hey Everyone!

So, way back when, I declared Mondays as "Man Cave Mondays."  Remember that?  I said I would keep you all updated on the progress of Scott's Man Cave.  For those of you who read that post and remembered reading it, you may have wondered what became of "Man Cave Mondays".  Well, I let those Monday posts fall by the wayside when I decided to make Scott's Man Cave reveal a surprise when he returned home.  The last I shared, I chose a new paint color for the walls to get rid of the weird green color that came on the walls when we moved in.  

Here's the man cave before the walls got painted:


Here's the man cave with the Great Plains color:  
(The spray paint cans on the table were for a craft project I was working on--not for the walls hahah)

I must say, I was a little shocked by how yellow the walls ended up looking.  They weren't as "manish" as I initially envisioned.  But, I wanted a bright color since the room has no windows and I knew I'd be putting a lot of dark furniture in there.  Speaking of furniture, I found some great deals on all of the pieces in there and I actually put them all together by myself (while Trey was sleeping).  True confession time...I love to put furniture together.  Seriously.  It relaxes me.   

So, here's the final product....[drum roll please]....

What do you think??  Is it 'manish' enough??

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