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Monday, June 2, 2014

Where Thou Art...

"Where thou art, that is home." - Emily Dickinson

How true.  I've moved several times over the past 8 years--7 to be exact.  Each time I move, I miss the place I left behind.  BUT, I eventually fall in love with the new place I'm living.  Moving is never easy, but I have three things that make a transition to a new place feel like home. 

1)  My family moving with me and/or visiting.  Having Scott...and now Trey with me can make anywhere feel like home.  When I was single, it was always nice to host visits from family members--and it still is!  It's always nice to have them experience a piece of our new life.  I'm SO thankful to have family that will travel around the world to visit us and spend time with us.  

2) Finding a good church home.  This is so important.  A new place doesn't feel like home until I'm in regular attendance at a good church.  

3)  Establishing new friendships.  Friends are what I refer to as extended family.  They're the ones I lean on (and the ones who lean on me) when I don't have other family members nearby.  I've been blessed to have made some of the most amazing friends over the course of my life, thus far.  
What are YOUR top 3?

I hope you all had fabulous a weekend!

Here's a snapshot from one of our adventures this weekend:
A photo of us boating with extended family this weekend
Some ways you can keep up with my shenanigans this week:
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