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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Days 1-7 #100DaysofRevivingFitness

DAY 1 of #100DaysofRevivingFitness is off to a great start. I stuck with a plant-based diet and did the PiYo alignment workout. I'm looking forward to my first legit PiYo workout tomorrow. Now, I need to start trying some new, tasty plant-based recipes. I'm open to recommendations!

DAY 2 of #100DaysofRevivingFitness. PiYo in the AM, running in the PM. Plant-based eating all day long. It's been a really long time since I've been on a run which is crazy because I LOVE to run. I felt like I spent 35 minutes catching up with a long lost friend.#ineededthat #gettinghealthy

DAY 3 is off to a great start so far. I was up early and feeling energized this morning! Maybe having more energy is in my head, or maybe not. Either way, it feels amazing! Also, my vision is coming back little by little which is a great feeling. 

The other day, a friend gave me came to Bible study with tomatoes and fresh mint from her garden. I've been enjoying the fresh mint tea in the mornings and tomatoes on salads. 

I'm loving PiYo! I'm noticing muscles stretching that I've forgotten are supposed to stretch .#100DaysofRevivingFitness #GettingHealthy

DAY 4--my rest day. Yes, rest is part of the program. I'm so thankful to Scott for covering down on everything and letting me take a long nap after church and then get out of the house for a bit to just -chill-. It was great! Also, I made a delicious vegan spinach & mushroom enchilada covered in spicy cashew cream. People probably think vegan food is flavorless and bland (I know I used to), but this was DELICIOUS and full of flavor. Scott had 3 helpings! (See recipe below day 7)  Looking forward to getting back to PiYO tomorrow 

DAY 5 of #100DaysofRevivingFitness. I started my day off with a cup of chocolate Shakeology. Beachbody actually makes vegan versions of Shakeology. Thanks, Beachbody! Today was "Sweat" workout day for my PiYo workout and YES, I did sweat! It was a great workout--strength & stretching is the focus for the workouts. I need lots of both. I still have a lot of work to do and more flexibility to gain, but I'm enjoying the journey. Eye Update: They're still improving. I think 5% more improvement needed before they're back to normal. #PiYo #GettingHealthy#Shakeology #TeamBeachbody

DAY 6 
of #100DaysofRevivingFitness started a bit earlier than I expected. Shortly after midnight, 2/3rds of our family began suffering from symptoms of a stomach bug. I was the 1/3rd that went unscathed. The lysol in the picture? Well, let's just say I spent most of my day disinfecting the house and doing laundry. While Trey was napping, I able to get my Leg Definition#PiYo workout in. I feel more flexible each time I do a workout (though it may not appear that way in my photos hahaha)--it's a great feeling! The book in the bottom right photo is just some "light reading" I'm doing these days to help me figure out some healthy ways to fuel my body. 

I just finished my upper body PiYo workout for DAY 7. I'm already noticing changes in my body with increased strength & flexibility. I'm also noticing changes in my mindset about things I wasn't sure I could do before--I'm doing them now..or at least trying really, really hard. I'm not focused on losing weight during this journey, it's all about improving my health...and if I happen to lose weight and tone up in the process, well, that's a bonus .

Spinach & Hominy Enchiladas with Spicy Cashew Cream

Over the weekend, I was craving some tasty Mexican food.  Scott & I love enchiladas so I thought it would be fun to look up a vegan version to try.  I came across a recipe for spinach and hominy enchiladas with spicy cashew cream on seriouseats.com.  It looked good, it sounded good, and guess what?  It WAS good!  We had no leftovers and Scott- the omnivore of omnivores gave me permission to make this dish as often as I want!  You can find the recipe for this delicious dish HERE.  I made a couple of minor changes to the dish:  I didn't make my own verde sauce (time constraints), and for the filling, I used spinach and kale...and added mushrooms!  Enjoy!

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