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Thursday, August 14, 2014

InspHERational Woman: Amy Dean

I had the privilege of having a "fly on the wall" experience when I spent time with the incredibly talented Amy Dean  As a photographer, it was something I hadn't (until now) had the chance to experience--photographing an artist at work.  It was fun, it was inspiring, it was awesome.  Amy draws inspiration from Georgia O'Keeffe, and Robert Henri.  Her artwork is as unique as she is & I proudly display my Amy Dean artwork in our home!  I am going let Amy's words and my photographs of her in action do the "talking".  Enjoy!

There's no magic in making art. There's no inspiration without engaging the creative process. You gain inspiration from yourself, from working and developing ideas onto paper or into clay etc. 

I don't think it is necessarily about talent but more about just doing, like a child working with crayons. Children draw without fear and create images that are unpolluted and moving. If you can get "yourself" out of the way you can make art. 

Less thinking and more doing and seeing. Otherwise you are left wondering what to do and you may just keep wondering without moving forward. Sometimes, I think that concept can be used in other parts of your life.

My art is about self discovery and believing in myself. 

It's about having fun and letting go of all the pressures to make "art". 

It's about little planning and a lot of doing. 

I work to inspire myself, I find something that moves me and I run with it. When it runs out, I move to something else by changing mediums, techniques or even subject matter. 

How do I talk about my art?  Do I even know what I am doing?  I am creating things and drawing from my imagination and subconscious.  I am not consciously trying to say anything...or am I?  What are these deformed and absurd creatures and figures?  Why do I draw them?  Am I expressing the unrealistic ideals for women?  Am I expressing the way I view myself?  Am I expressing the idea that we can easily devour each other?  Am I expressing the fact that we (and I say "we" because I am guilty of this) stuff our faces instead of our minds and creative spirit?  Am I expressing the fact that sick people want us to remain sick with them and will disguise themselves with what they call love?  Am I expressing the anxieties that come with being a mother or a wife and the pressures I place upon myself?  Am I expressing my fear of abandonment?  Am I expressing the social anxieties I feel and my sometimes anxious need for approval?  Am I expressing all the ugly things that keep me from being my true self?  Am I expressing myself in order to find my true self?  Am I expressing myself to free myself?  Yes, yes, and yes.  

Thank you so much for your time & your inspirational words, Amy!  You can view more of Amy's work and read more about what she's doing HERE.  

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  1. Amy, your work is very inspirational, especially when viewed through your creative lens. I appreciate learning more of both your creative process and methodology, all which paint a stunning picture of self-discovery, self-appreciation, and even in my mind, the questioning of ideals. Thank you so much for sharing! :-) Also, thanks to the talented photographer! Very well done! :-)


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